Deep Blue Windows

Deep Blue Windows
for viola and piano
7 mins
Commissioned by Concerto di Dublino. First performed by Adele Govier and Fergal Caulfield (both National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland) in Orvieto and Bolsena, Italy, July 2018.  

Description: Deep Blue Windows is a lyrical piece that sets slow-moving jazzy piano chords against outbursts of yearning, blues-like melody lines in the viola. Moments of calm alternate with sections of melodic movement, rhythmic and modulational motion slowly increases, growing more and more, until eventually leading into a furious viola solo with an almost rock-like piano accompaniment. As the solo culminates in a series of sharp and increasingly climbing harmonics on the viola, the piano harmonies disintegrate, splintering into extremes, before the piece halts… and eases back into the contemplative stillness of the opening chords.

Adele Govier (vla), Fergal Caulfield (pno), composer Chris Corcoran and composer Frank Corcoran at the premiere of Deep Blue Windows.

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